Cross Country

Summer Training Preparation


  1. Get your physical and athletic code requirements out of the way by August 13th
  2. Pay fee at the HS office--$5.00 before August 13th
  3. Plan on starting practice August 13th at 9:00 AM


Pre-Training recommendations:


Start running NOW so that we can get right to the good stuff (speed work) in late August.  You need to be in moderately good shape to do the hard training next fall.  Easy running now will help prevent soreness, discomfort, and injury during the fall season.


Stretch every time after you run.  Stretch gently—do not bounce or strain you muscles.  If you can’t keep up with the following schedule, at least do some running.


May-June:  Run 3-4 times a week, at least two miles each time.  Shoot for a total of 10 miles per week. Jog, run slow, pace yourself.  Don’t worry at all about speed.  Also ride bike, swim, hike in the mountains, canoe, walk…whatever strikes your fancy.  Lift weights twice a week…low weight, high repetition (do not lift the heaviest weight you can).


July:  Increase your mileage per week to 15 miles a week the first half of the month.  Then shoot for 20 miles by July 31.  Your runs should be at an easy pace, 3-5 miles each, 4-5 times a week.  Continue lifting weights.  Low weight, high reps.  Continue bike riding, hiking, swimming.


August:  Continue running 20 miles a week, but make one run a week 6 miles or longer. 



The High School weight room will be open during the summer.  Check with the High School office for a schedule.


If you do the above, you will be ready for hard training on August 13th.



Call or email Coach Hambleton if you have questions.


High School:              684-3321 ext 147

Home:              684-2240